Fernando Alonso Not Committed To Future With Honda, says Hasegawa

I think we’ve got a really good chassis this year, a great team, great drivers.

McLaren’s only realistic alternative to Honda is Renault, if Red Bull-owned Toro Rosso free up a supply of the French manufacturer’s power units by switching to Honda.

Brown confirmed on Friday at Monza that any decision will be chiefly based on short-term thinking in a bid to improve McLaren’s on-track displays, with no long-term calls being made until the plans for shaking up the engine regulations in 2021 are made clear. Fortunately we have extremely committed shareholders that we can make a sporting decision and deal with the economics. So it’s a variety of pieces to the puzzle, some in our control, some are not. There are some challenges ahead of us that we need to navigate.

“If everything was done we’d have a decision and an announcement to be made”.

“But we’re not waiting on anyone per se, as in the decision will be driven by anyone else”.

Renault bosses Jerome Stoll, Cyril Abiteboul and Alain Prost, accompanied by F1 boss Ross Brawn, held talks inside McLaren’s motorhome after Friday practice for the Italian GP.

“We just need to have an understanding of the path forward, what are the rules and what are they going to cost”.

“I think everyone’s under time pressure”, Brown responded. “So whether it’s 6 o’clock on Sunday is a bit specific, but we don’t have to make a decision this weekend”. The team is now weighing up its options over its 2018 supply and on Friday held a meeting in its Monza motorhome with Renault bosses Jerome Stoll, Cyril Abiteboul and Alain Prost as well as F1’s motorsport director Ross Brawn.

“It is very complicated”, McLaren team boss Zak Brown said. “And we’ve got those plans”. But I believe you’re aware that they’ve taken on the help of a number of consultants.

“They’re doing different stuff now”. Which they’re working on.

“I’m not 100 percent sure of anything right now”, he said.

FIA president Jean Todt is ready to lend a helping hand to Honda in order to keep the Japanese manufacturer in Formula 1 next season.

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