Brad Pitt apologises to Jennifer Aniston

Actor Brad Pitt, who is separated from his actress wife Angelina Jolie, apologised to his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston for “being an absentee husband”, stated a report in In Touch magazine.

In September 2016, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, ending their 12-year-old relationship and two-year long marriage. So, loving and carrying grandfather Jon Voight will be a real support to Angelina Jolie. She’s totally shut that side of her down and she says she’s found a lot of peace in that. If there is anything that he is missing in life, it’s his six children. And Angelina Jolie’s probably reached a level of anger that she never thought possible, either. In fact, Voight escorted her daughter in her directorial debut In The Land of Blood And Honey in 2011.

The insider also claimed the mother of six is trying out different things in life to taker her mind off the breakup. The Salt actress doesn’t have any suspicious motives behind her reconciliation with Voight amidst the divorce proceedings.

Both Angie and Brad took a break from their careers to be able to focus more on their children after the split. In Touch’s sources elaborate on Brad’s supposed apology to Jennifer, explaining, “He’s been determined to apologize for everything he put her through, and that’s exactly what he did”. The Allied actor reportedly had an intimate conversation with the Friends star, apologizing for everything he put her through. “He also made amends for leaving her for Angelina”, the source added.

People close to the former couple claimed they still love each other, but they are not ready for a reunion.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have reached a new level of closeness after years of being divorced. “For many years he suffered Angelina’s constant advice, notes, and often unsolicited opinions about his work”, the source said. Whichever way you think about it, Brad Pitt has always owed Jennifer Aniston an apology, even if he was telling the truth about their marriage being broken before he got together with Angelina Jolie.

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