Trump Hasn’t Accepted Mexico’s Offer To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Brittany Sigel, UBS Donor Recruitment Manager, says, “We usually see an up tick after some type of tragedy, with people here trying to give back and with Hurricane Harvey specifically, we’re so many miles away, so this is the ideal way that you can help and not have to be present down there”.

Hurricane Harvey hit the USA southern state of Texas on last Friday as a category four storm, affecting mainly the southeastern part of the state, including Houston, in addition to the southwestern part of the state of Louisiana.

Indivisible Rapid City says they are happy to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. “If it helps 20 families then that’s 20 less people that are struggling”. Go here to get more information on helping the National VOAD. In fact, Cuba rejected USA help because accepting it would have run counter to its long-standing narrative that the United States was evil. They also recently opened a location in Rockport which they have said on their Facebook page as being one of the “hardest hit areas”.

In response to the tragic situation in Texas, several national charity groups are soliciting donations to provide direct assistance to Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey. These items can be dropped off at Code 3 ER at 1080 Cartwright Road; they are opened 24 hours a day.

He started a challenge called the Hurricane Harvey Relief Challenge and invited all his friends to dig into the challenge.

Mexico’s Red Cross has also paid a visit to Houston.

Below are a list of shelters nearby and other ways to help. Volunteers are needed for 12-hour shifts. There may be a time and place for such donations at a later date.

President Donald Trump is said to have pledged one million dollars of his own money to the relief effort.

The First Baptist Church of Florence is accepting donations of water, clothing and nonperishables.

Items needed include diapers, baby wipes, toiletries, feminine hygiene products and nonperishable food including baby food and packs of underwear and socks.

Mr Trump has also promised emergency funds to rebuild in Texas and Louisiana, but also plans to cut almost $1bn from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) budget to help get work on the border barrier started, the Associated Press news agency reported, quoted by BBC.

Weatherford Library- Tuesday, Sept. 5th Noon to 6 p.m. A portion of the donations will help alleviate the emergency blood shortage in the aftermath of the hurricane, according to a press release.

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