The dress Kate Middleton wore today was a major Diana throwback

Since her early days dating William to her wedding and on all her royal engagements since, the world has been fascinated with Kate’s warmth and charm, as well as her style.

The baby girl is now fourth in the line of succession to the British throne, behind her grandpa Prince Charles, her dad Prince William, and her brother Prince George. “It’s always been a dream for Kate and Pippa to be pregnant at the same time”, notes a Middleton family friend.

Long before Pippa walked down the aisle at a 13th-century church in the English countryside, she and hedge fund manager Matthews, 42, were planning the next step.

“Starting a family is something they’ve spoken about since long before they got married”, the family friend continued. Magazine, Kate and William discussed little Charlotte’s passion for dancing and how that makes her so like the grandma she never had a chance to meet.

Us Weekly said there are other reasons that Kate didn’t give into baby fever so soon after Charlotte’s birth. But as the reality of juggling the newborn and big brother Prince George, 4, set in, the couple made a decision to take a pregnant pause.

Much like the public’s fascination with Princess Diana, we’re always watching Kate and today was no different when she stepped out with Princes William and Harry. “They promised each other they wouldn’t even think about having another child until they were mentally ready and it felt right”, explains the source. “They would love to be pregnant soon”.

Supporting the statements of her husband, the duchess of Cambridge has revealed that the little sister of George (4 years) was for some time the dance classes in which she blossomed fully.

Many have even gone so far as to compare Middleton to Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana, due to the royal’s constant benevolent activism concerning mental health awareness.

Once the next baby comes, the two can also serve as their own mom’s group, bonding over the joys and challenges of parenting.

Kate Middleton is admired by the masses for a number of reasons, including her ability to take on the role as wife to the future king seamlessly and wear the title of Duchess of Cambridge after being raised in a middle-class family, in addition to insisting on normalcy being integrated into the daily life of her family.

For one, baby Charlotte’s name is itself a tribute to her grandma.

But Pippa is expected to do fine in the mothering department, the Pippa insider said. As does she. Says the insider, “They bring out a soft, playful side of her”.

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