Rexburg man nearly threw away $200K Powerball ticket purchased in Jerome

Zane Powell, Rexburg, is Idaho’s big $200,000 Powerball victor.

Lottery ticket buyers hoping to use the same MA machine as the recent $758.7 million Powerball jackpot victor are out of luck.

Zane Powell was Idaho’s $200,000 Powerball victor.

Lottery officials say Wanczyk bought a total of five tickets. Like many players who do not check their tickets, Powell almost tossed out his tickets without checking them when he heard the jackpot was won in another state. It was a prize that nearly went unclaimed.

“I don’t play very often”, Powell said in a statement.

The Massachusetts State Lottery has retired the machine that printed the winning ticket belonging to Mavis Wanczyk.

Powell did not know how much he had won until arriving at Lottery Offices in Boise.

“That’s going to make for a nice vacation next winter”, he said in a statement.

An Alexandria, Virginia, man held onto a Powerball ticket for more than a week before discovering it was worth a cool $1 million.

Chicopee police say fake accounts are being created on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram stating that they are Mavis Wanczyk, who was announced as the victor last week.

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