Officials urge calm as long lines dominate gas stations

Distributing the gasoline where the problem lies, as gasoline is transported via 18-wheeler trucks to gas stations across the state.

Immediately after one of the men steps out of his vehicle he walks over to the gas pump and starts trying to grab the gas tank from the other man.

That gas shortage could affect your travel this holiday weekend.

Prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange leaped to almost $2.14 per gallon, up more than 50 cents from August 22, before refineries shuttered in anticipation for Harvey’s winds and rain.

It may not be just the metroplex running on empty.

Soon, Watson may not be as fortunate.

The analysts said interruptions in supply were isolated and lines were largely the result of people rushing out to top off their tanks.

So what could this mean for you when you head to the pump? “It’s getting really bad”. “I think it’s circumstances beyond our control that’s causing gas prices to go high”.

Larry Place, another driver we spoke with, told us he has a buddy in Dallas, and they have a more critical issue they are dealing with rather than prices.

“People are hearing of concerns, and they’re texting each other, ‘Oh my gosh, you gotta go get gas right now, ‘” Sitton said.

In an interview with the Texas Tribune Thursday, Ryan Sitton, commissioner of the Railroad Commission of Texas, which regulates gas and oil in the state, said 15 fuel refineries in the Gulf Coast area have been taken down, or are operating at a reduced capacity, due to Harvey. So no one ever thought about that.

Residents may see prices spike by 40 to 50 cents in the coming days, but that’s due to demand, not a shortage. “I feel this issue is going to stem”. He said he didn’t know when the refineries might begin working again.

They stated that they have spoken with multiple gas station owners around town and they are not short on gas.

“Hoarding is creating the problem, and there’s no need for it. Refineries and pipelines that supply San Antonio are expected to be restored to service early next week”.

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