Matt Barkley Reportedly Cut by San Francisco 49ers After Signing in Offseason

Beathard started the preseason final Thursday after he served as Hoyer’s backup the previous two weeks. We’ve seen Matt a lot.

But we knew all this going into the practice season, and given that Roger Goodell keeps trying to shorten the practice season to add more games that count (because CTE is good for you, damn it!), the real thing we’re learning is that we are choosing as media conglomerates to lavish more attention on less important things based exclusively on the fact that people need their needles. We’ve seen him in this league before.

Now that the NFL’s practice games are over and we are done enduring the “What did we learn from.?” pieces in which we learn that we didn’t learn anything at all except that injuries are still bad, what will football fans do with the next 10 days? I needed to see more of C.J. We also wanted to see Nick. “We haven’t given Nick a chance to play”. A year ago with the Chicago Bears he made the first six starts of his career. “I just focus on getting better and on improving in any way I can”. Barkley seemed to have a good handle on the backup job entering camp, but Beathard’s quick and steady progression turned it into a hotly-contested battle much faster than many figured it could.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Matt Barkley (7) during the first half of an NFL preseason football game in Kansas City, Mo., Friday, August 11, 2017.

Beathard was 5-of-9 for 31 yards on Thursday night and he missed some throws he’d been making throughout the preseason, but he did break off a 62-yard touchdown run that surprised even himself.

Beathard posted a 107.7 passer rating in the exhibition season while throwing four touchdown passes against one interception and completing 57.8 percent of his throws (26 of 45, 401 yards). Shanahan has been praised as one of the superior offensive minds of the day, which reminds us that Lane Kiffin has also been praised as one of the superior offensive minds of the day.

The tomorrow Shanahan is referring to is Friday, when the Niners begin chopping their roster to the league-mandated 53 players.

The transaction suggests the 49ers will enter the season with two quarterbacks – Hoyer and Beathard – on the active roster and with Mullens perhaps being added to the practice squad Sunday.

“I think that helps with being at Iowa, having watched the system that he’s in”, Shanahan said after the draft. “Not about the quarterback position, but how we look at the rest of the roster”.

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