LittleBits’ Droid Inventor Kit teaches kids tech with ‘Star Wars’

Naturally, the kit is loaded with 20 authentic R2 noises from the movies, just to give you the full experience of having a little droid sidekick – and we can say from experience, seeing the right combination of pieces snap together to elicit R2’s signature beep-boop sounds is wildly satisfying.

Sure, you can buy a Star Wars Droid and have a whole lot of fun – but where’s the educational experience in that?

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Three sticker sheets to personalize the droid. The third leg extends and retracts from R2’s body like in the films when it it has to move around.

Although users can control R2 to move its individual parts, the companion Droid App also comes with animation presets. The BB-9E has a flat head rather than a spherical one and mostly it is black in color. In many ways the Sphero BB-9E is similar to BB-8, including its circular rotating body and magnetic head. BB-8 and the soon to be introduced BB-9E are still far off the level of popularity that R2D2 and C3P0 achieved, but these two droids will surely have their marks on the new and younger generations of fans without alienating the original and diehard followers of the galaxy “far far away”.

Its magnetic head is actually flat and features a pair of LED lights. Users can turn its head, make do droid animations and have go explore in patrol mode via the Droid App.

New York-based littleBits wants everyone to be an inventor. When users place the BB-9E on the Droid Trainer, they will be able to run augmented reality routine with the Droid App, according to Engadget. The Droid Inventor Kit retails for $159.95 (AUD) and is available now at EB Games/Zing Pop Culture, Harvey Norman, Australian Geographic & Tech2Go Duty Free stores nationwide.

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