Juicero, the $700 juicer startup, is squeezed out of the market

The company faced another setback after a Bloomberg report revealed that hand squeezing the juice packs yielded almost the same amount of juice compared to the machine, and in some cases in less time. The bags were delivered to the Juicero owner’s home on a subscription basis.

The company on Friday announced it’s “immediately” suspending the sale of its Juicero Press-a product we here at PCMag gave a spot in our list of 10 Weird High-Tech Gadgets You Don’t Need.

The company was hailed by tech investors, but it ran into problems with price. The company was roundly mocked in April when Bloomberg News reported that users could easily squeeze the packets with their hands and turn the contents into juice at a faster rate than the expensive cold-press juicer machine. Several investors told Bloomberg they were not aware of the fact some packs could be pressed by hand. That led people to question the point of having a cold press juicer if the press was acting on fruits and vegetables that, if not in juice form already, were pre-chopped into a near-pulp.

Last but not least, the firm is offering refunds for the next 90 days, giving those that purchased a unit the option to get their money back until December 1, 2017.

The price of the juice press had fallen to $400 by time that report came out, and by July, Juicero was announcing layoffs. As professional product designer Ben Einstein demonstrated in a detailed blog post back in April, the Juicero machine is a insane piece of design.

It appears that the measures of Juicero’s strategic shift were not enough, though. The company has converted their official product website into a one-page press release explaining the reasoning behind the company’s closure, and how it will impact their current customers.

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