Why Chris Cornell’s brother is ‘refusing to let go’

If it’s possible for this path to walk a little softer, it’s only because I haven’t had to walk it alone.

“Again you humble me with your kindness, empathy, love and support”, Peter began his post. “So it’s family and it hurts and I’m really gonna miss them”. It’s a bittersweet connection that is equal parts reliving the devastation and lovingly tearing down the fences that have separated us for so very long. There’s a stigma attached to it that’s unfortunate, because just as you take care of yourselves in every other way, I think it’s important that people try and take care of themselves in that way, too. In some ways my family lost my Brother twice.

Soundgarden musician Chris was found dead in a Detroit hotel room back in May at the age of 52. I have some of them myself. “I’ve grown new ears and hopefully a bigger heart”, he wrote.

Later in the letter, he explained his decision to leave social media, noting that having stayed online would have had him “continually picking at the wound”. The entities that fuel these avenues of chaos are self-serving at best. Grohl and Cornell were contemporaries and brothers in grunge, having come up in the same scene that put Seattle and Olympia, Washington on the map in the ’90s. “Haven’t the children endured more than a child ever, ever, ever should?” he pleaded. Hold your families close.

This wasn’t the first time Leto publicly paid tribute to his late friends Cornell and Bennington. “Goodnight Chester. Goodnight Brother”, Peter concluded the letter, also referencing the suicide of Linkin Park star Chester Bennington in July.

“When we were doing a sound check Chester couldn’t even make it through the song, he was getting halfway through and getting choked up”. “It’s just an unexpected thing and we’ve been through it personally [with Alice in Chains], so we kind of know what that’s all about”, the guitarist added, referring to the death of singer Layne Staley.

Foo Fighters have spoken out on suicide and mental health issues, in the wake of the death of both Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell.

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