Traffic chaos as tailbacks hit new bridge

The 1.7-mile crossing has a projected lifespan of 120 years but could last longer as it has been “designed for maintenance” to ensure it runs smoothly for decades.

However Traffic Scotland is reporting delays of between 65 and 75 minutes on approaches onto the crossing northbound from the Spur Road.

When the Queen officially opens the crossing on Monday September 4, it will also be the 53rd anniversary of the day she opened the old Forth Road Bridge. “Delays on all approaches”.

At first, traffic was light but as the morning progressed congestion built up.

The crossing has an initial 40mph limit which will gradually be increased until the final 70mph limit is in place.

A Transport Scotland spokesman said the new bridge’s design had helped, because the lorry had been moved to a hard shoulder.

“The bridge itself remained free flowing despite an early breakdown”.

And yet not so long ago there were passionate arguments over whether this bridge was needed at all.

Today sees the opening of Scotland’s largest and most expensive infrastructure project: the Queensferry Crossing.

But the need for a new crossing was highlighted when the Forth Road Bridge was closed for three weeks in December 2015 because of structural problems, causing unprecedented disruption and cutting off a vital link between north and south.

A total of 50,000 invited members of the public will have the chance to walk across it on Saturday and Sunday.

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