Sony WH-1000XM2 improves on our favourite noise cancelling headphones

The stylish behind-the-neck style wireless noise cancelling WI-1000X are the ideal companion for the commuter who wants to add some sophistication and efficiency to their daily commute with up to 14 hours of battery life with noise cancelling via wired audio connection or up to 10 hours on battery.5 The world’s first Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing further optimizes noise cancelling performance to enjoy in-flight entertainment on long business trips.

The headphone ($149.95 at Amazon Marketplace) basically packs in the same features found in Sony’s around-the-ear WH-1000XM2 and links to the Sony Headphones Connect app to access those advanced noise-cancelling options as well as customize your sound. That’s 10 hours more than the previous unit.

A quick charge function gives up to 70 minutes of battery for just 10 minutes of charging. The best part? This new set of headphones will debut cheaper than the MDR-1000X at $350 when it arrives in September.

Sony’s new around-the-neck style wireless headphone, the WI-1000X, costs a whopping $300 (£300, AU$449).

It is worth noting that the WI-1000X’s design includes “zip-style cable management” (the cable tucks into a ridge in the neckband) and the headphone vibrates when a call comes. They are also compatible with high resolution audio.

Going 100% wireless with noise cancelling is something very new, I do worry about using them on a plane (good luck finding it if you lose it!), so I think they are ideal for the daily commute and a busy office.

The innovative and minimal design of the WF-1000X truly wireless earbuds provides a comfortable way to tune in to the music and tune out the noise with Sony’s industry leading noise cancelling technology. The WF-1000X employ the company’s noise-cancelling tech for a wireless option that automatically powers on and connects to the most recent device when you remove them from the case. Or to put it another way, that’s up to 3 hours of music per charge.

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