Class III student fails to respond to roll call; slapped mercilessly

The video leaked from St. John Vianney High School, a private school in Lucknow where the student was studying.

In a disheartening incident, a Lucknow school teacher has been caught on camera brutally slapping a student for not standing up on attendance call has gone viral on the internet.

All the forty children in the class, were stunned, as they watched their teacher Retika V John snatch a sheet of paper from the boy and slap him mercilessly with both her hands. When he went to the school and complained, the father checked the footage and found out how aggressively had the teacher hit the child.

Footage showed the teacher mercilessly hitting the child in the 7th period of the school day. The teacher even pushed the student back as well.

The boy, Ritesh, meanwhile, said that he was busy completing his drawing and did not hear the teacher call out his name in the class. The incident came to light when the student reached home from school yesterday and his parents noticed that his face was swollen and he was behaving in an unusually boring manner, the police said.

He approached school principal Ronald Rodriguez, who fired Retica after reviewing CCTV footage of the classroom despite her appeals to reconsider.

Taking action against the teacher, parents reportedly filed an FIR at the PGI police station. Schools need teachers who are patient enough and also schools have to make a platform for both teachers and students a place to learn together.

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