Bitcoin price (BTC/USD) pushes forward as crypto market cap surpasses $170 billion

Meanwhile, Ethereum price continues to scale toward $400.

While digital currency “miners” temporarily found bitcoin cash more profitable than the original version to mine, by Tuesday it was 32 percent more profitable to mine bitcoin, according to data from the Coin Dance website.

Prices moved as high as $4,723, in the wake of opening at roughly $4,630. The gains come a day after bitcoin’s price increased to $4,703, surpassing the previous market high set on August 18.

While some advisors are keeping a close eye on the evolution of bitcoin and other virtual currencies, they’re still hesitant to recommend them to clients, reports Financial Advisor IQ. According to Ronnie, we are still seeing only the tip of the iceberg.

Prices of Ether, the blockchain currency trading on Ethereum platform, also rose sharply, up almost 5% at $364.85.

We note that the big volume spike in Bitcoin struck as USA equity markets opened and panic-buyer bid tech stocks. Trading these on such platforms provides traders with an easy way to make use of the price rise and pocket some profits.

NEM was the only one of the top ten cryptocurrency to increase more than 10%. Dash held around $372, while Monero posted a almost nine percent gain, now up to $140.

The market’s solid execution expanded the $1 billion club participation to yet another record. Its total value is at about $34.4 billion. Since the split, investors have gotten more confident in the stability and scalability of the digital currency.

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