All-female ‘Lord of the Flies’ adaptation announced by Warner Bros

The classic 1954 novel by William Golding was previously adapted into a movie in 1963 by Peter Brook, but now it’s getting a significant overhaul in a planned revised interpretation. Their attempt to recreate civilisation and govern themselves fails miserably, and they plunge from civility and reason into savage survivalism. They last helmed 2012 drama What Maisie Knew, and are next slated to produce upcoming comedy Life of the Party, from Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy.

He said casting girls as boys was an opportunity to tell the story in a way it had not been told before, so that people might see the story in a new light.

McGehee added that the all-girls cast will allow audiences to see the work anew since it was done with all-male casts twice already.

It is one of the English language’s best-known novels – a story of the disaster that ensues when children recreate society’s power and violence on a desert island.

She followed that tweet up with a climax to the movie involving one girl beaten to death by the group for failing to use “exclamation points in her email“. The only survivors are a group of young boys, who create their own new society without any adults, as they slowly begin to descend into madness – however in this new version it will be a group of girls that are stranded.

“It breaks away from some of the conventions, the ways we think of boys and aggression”, he told the website.

People love to argue about gender- and race-bent movie reboots, both real (Ghostbusters) and imagined (Idris Elba as James Bond). McGehee and Spiegel are set to begin writing immediately.

It was announced Wednesday that Warner Bros will remake “Lord of the Flies” with an all-female cast directed by two men.

Writer Charles Climer also thought Hollywood should think again: “Lord of the Flies is about toxic masculinity. I hope they have some women on the creative end“.

“But one thing you can not do with them is take a bunch of them and boil them down, so to speak, into a set of little girls who would then become a kind of image of civilisation, of society”.

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