We Didn’t Believe Bran Was the Night King Until We Saw This

Some seriously insane sh*t has gone down on Game of Thrones over the last seven seasons. “Although I have to say, people are now comparing my face to the Night King and going, ‘Yeah!”

Although HBO’s head of programming Casey Bloys has confirmed that the scripts have been written for the impending season eight while discussing a timeline for the shoot to the Hollywood Reporter.

In Sunday night’s season seven finale the leader of the dead army destroyed The Wall in the north using his newly-acquired, blue flame-spouting dragon.

In a detailed post, he states that Bran believes that he can rewrite history, so travels back multiple times only to end up fulfilling his own fate. As we’ve seen, they were created by the Children of the Forest, so we can’t get much more ancient than that. So when we see a amusing meme, whether it’s about our character or another, we genuinely do enjoy sharing them around and seeing them. Many have believed that a mystical ice dragon is housed within its borders, waiting for a day of enormous danger before breaking out and saving the Seven Kingdoms.

How does the 100,000 strong White Walker army measure up against the others on Game Of Thrones, though? That leaves us with only one real candidate for the destruction of The Wall. Poetic that it could fall at the start of The Great War. I’d love to be the Night King. I think Bran recognizes that Meera has served her goal, and her objective was to get him to Winterfell. It’s all systems go for the Night King, and his next stop can only be The Wall.

There’s at least one year before we find out whether or not the protective magic of the Children of the Forest is truly gone for good, or if the Night King will eventually lose control over its new pet dragon. The dividing line is 300 miles wide, 800 feet high, and allegedly filled with magical properties that keep the un-dead and the half-dead from crossing over. Was the winged beast more like White Walker because he was touched by the Night King? If Bran King is legit, then why is he always acting like such an a*shole?

If so, perhaps we’ve an insight into where the Night King’s army is headed. That’s why we got him on the phone to answer nine of our burning Game of Thrones questions, like whether Bran is really the Night King, and just when he started communicating Littlefinger’s secrets to Sansa and Arya.

Some were unsurprised that Bran could be the king of “evil little weirdos”. Was that ice coming out of his mouth, or was it fire? Dany and her three companions easily made the trip over the construct, so that shouldn’t pose much of a problem for undead Viserion.

Clearly, it won’t take centuries of being enslaved by the Night King for Viserion to dwindle and die. Because the show has scarcely mentioned any instrument that could bring down The Wall, or hinted at any insecurity in its foundation, it seems likely that the Night King will rely on shock-and-awe to get the job done.

Aside from the hilarity that Wright doesn’t want to look too much like the Night King, it’s good to hear that the actor is open to the possibility he could be part of one of the biggest twists in the show’s history.

We’ll find out soon enough.

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