The 10 most-used smartphone apps

The biggest winners tend to stay the biggest winners.

Facebook and Google don’t just dominate the advertising market – both tech conglomerates also have a disproportionate stake in the mobile app marketplace. According to ComScore’s 2017 annual USA mobile apps report, more than half of all users don’t download any new applications per month. Reach, in this instance, specifically media analysis and marketing, refers to the total number of different people exposed to the app during a given time.

Unsurprisingly, numerous most-used apps are also the most likely to inhabit app users’ home screens.

These statistics exhibit a stark dominance in the app business, specifically how lower-level apps are finding it hard to break Facebook and Google’s stronghold. This comes after a mobile app privacy sweep which was carried out by the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) found that many popular mobile apps were trying to access and copy large amounts of private personal information without adequately explaining how that information would be used.

With Facebook and Google dominating the app sphere in the United States, other brands and app developers face a tough challenge to make their presence felt. “United States app users spend 90 per cent of their mobile app time in their top five apps, making up 51 per cent of total digital time spent”, the report noted.

Snapchat features on the most essential apps for 18-34-year-olds, according to the study.

At the top of the heap is Amazon, which packs lots of functionality into its mobile app.

YouTube and Facebook feature consistently among the top three apps across age groups.

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