Texas Store Sold Gas At $20 Per Gallon Following Hurricane Harvey

“There are significant penalties if you price gouge in a crisis like this”, Paxton said.

There’s a complaint from a gas station on Sam Houston Parkway near Houston saying their water had no price marked, but at the checkout the teller said it was very expensive and he had to think of a price.

Complaints are pouring in to Texas officials that some Houston businesses are charging exorbitant prices for essential goods, with one report claiming that a local store was charging as much as $100 for a case of drinking water.

“That convenience store was reported to us in a complaint-we’re tracking all complaints as they come in and following up with persons/businesses involved in price gouging and scams as quickly as we can, and in person if possible”.

During a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey, it’s illegal to charge consumers excessively prices for basic necessities.

The attorney general office’s hotline, at (800) 252-8011, and the agency’s website have already received more than 350 complaints about price gouging, reports Austin television station KXAN. Best Buy also apologizing, telling ABC News it doesn’t even sell cases of water.

“These are things you can’t do in Texas”, Paxton said in the interview.

More than 30 states have passed anti-gouging laws. That fine goes up to $250,000 if the victim is 65 years old or older.

Carpenter said water costs have been one of the biggest complaints. As a company we are focused on helping, not hurting affected people. “The mistake was made when employees priced a case of water using the single-bottle price for each bottle in the case”, a spokesman told CNBC. “We are deeply sorry that we gave anyone even the momentary impression that we were trying to take advantage of the situation”. What’s more, said a spokesperson, an employee got a little overzealous.

At a Best Western location in Robstown, about 20 miles west of Corpus Christi, 40 guests were reportedly charged far above the normal rate.

In Corpus Christi, a RaceWay gas station drew ire after a woman posted a Facebook video in which she said she was charged almost $70 for two cases of beer, ABC News reported.

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