Sen. Harris to Co-Sponsor Sanders’ Single-Payer Health Bill

Harris said Democrats in Washington and California must continue fighting the stance of Trump and his administration on health care, climate change, gay marriage and white supremacy.

The bill, which Sanders plans to introduce next month, is essentially single-payer health care and would expand the federal Medicare program, which now mostly covers people age 65 and older, to all Americans.

The announcement came during a town hall on Wednesday evening, the Hill reports.

“I think there’s no question that we have to get to a point where all people have access to affordable health care”, she said to a few reporters and town hall stragglers while the crowd dissipated.

Senator Kamala Harris said on Wednesday that she will co-sponsor Sen. The issue is poised to become a major litmus test for its presidential candidates in 2020.

“I was carrying around single-payer signs probably before you were born, so I, you know, I understand that aspiration”, she added.

“This is about understanding, again, that healthcare should be a right, not a privilege, and it’s also about being smart”, Harris said.

She also argued that single-payer health care would make fiscal sense. That bill now has 117 co-sponsors. Already this summer, Massachusetts Sen. In June, Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA joined Sanders in his push for single-payer. Kirsten Gillibrand have announced their support for single-payer health insurance.

Harris repeated part of her statement in a tweet Wednesday evening. Let’s make health care a right, not a privilege. I expect a a lot or senators to agree.

Harris said she was supporting the measure “because it’s the right thing to do”. She added that it could revitalize a state-level debate in California about moving to a single-payer program. “I see this as a pragmatic political decision”.

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