Scientology Really Wanted Kevin James to Abandon Catholicism & Join Their Church

Check out more from Remini about Scientology in the video above, and below.

In a new interview, the actress claimed she was pressured to talk to her King of Queens costar about joining the controversial religion, but felt uncomfortable with trying to convert his beliefs.

“I never tried to recruit Kevin into Scientology to the, you know, dismay of Scientology” she said while speaking to People.

Remini says she’s fortunate that when she left Scientology, her husband Angelo Pag├ín, 59, daughter Sofia, 13, and mother Vicki joined her – because others who leave have had family members and friends who stay within the church and feel forced to “disconnect” from them.

“They always tried to get me to, [asking] ‘Why is he not in? Why have you not promoted it to him?'” Remini told People. “He doesn’t want anything to do with it'”.

Recalling the conversations which took place after she told them that Kevin would not be joining the organisation, Leah said: “Yeah, but if you get him in, you gotta find out what’s ruining his life” – I go, “There’s nothing ruining his life, he’s very happy”.

The magazine states that the church refutes Remini’s claims. Actor Christopher Reeve also claimed he left the church after growing skeptical of the weird religion.

“I’m finally at peace knowing who I am and who I want to be”, she added. I’m not afraid of it.

Leah’s allegations that she was expected to convert Kevin when they worked together on King of Queens – which aired it final episode in 2007 after nine seasons and more than 200 episodes – comes amid the news that the two will be reconciling full-time on his new comedy, Kevin Can Wait. “I would like to be the face of resistance to abuse”. She’s written books and created TV shows to discredit the church’s teachings and reveal what she says are abuses within its ranks.

Of the show, a spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter: “Leah Remini is just an actress whose current role is starring in a scam of a show whose singular goal is to incite religious hate and violence for ratings, money and Emmy nominations”. Ten years after The King of Queens ended, she will reunite with James on season two of the CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait, returning September 25.

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