RSPCA probe disturbing video of man slitting kangaroo’s throat

A MAN has savagely killed a kangaroo by slitting its throat in a disturbing video that has gone viral.

The grisly clip showing the marsupial’s death exploded on Chinese social media, prompting outrage and allegations of animal cruelty, according to The Daily Mail.

The footage – which spread like wildfire on Chinese social media this week – shows a man of Asian appearance stalking a badly-wounded kangaroo before grabbing it by the tail with his left hand.

There is also speculation the incident could have been a mercy killing to put the wounded animal out of its misery.

The animal is then approached by a man with large hunting knife.

The man then stabbed and slashed at the kangaroo’s neck 18 times until it finally stopped moving and went silent.

An RSPCA spokesman told the outlet that animal cruelty cases can lead to a five year prison sentence if officials prove there was intent to make the animal suffer.

The kangaroo was lifeless after the man hacked it at least 18 times.

The people filming are heard laughing in the background.

A spokesperson for the NSW RSPCA confirmed to 7 News Online on Wednesday that an investigation has been launched into the incident following a complaint from a member of the public.

Should people come across an injured animal like the kangaroo in the video, they are urged to call the RSPCA, Wildlife Rescue or the police so that the animal can either be rescued or put down. If no intent can be proven, the maximum penalty is a two-year prison sentence, said the spokesperson.

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