Nintendo May Have to Halt Switch Sales

Super Mario Odyssey” is the next major entry in the long-running “Super Mario” franchise.

Forget VR support on the Switch; a new mod for Nintendo’s ill-fated Virtual Boy console integrates multiplayer support.

However, some analysts state that even if Nintendo hopes to ship 18 million Switch units for the first year, it will likely also have to fight for factory space against rival companies who are also ramping up production prior to the holiday season.

Nintendo said that the holidays have been taken into consideration when they laid out the production plans for the best-selling Switch. It turns out that it was what they first thought about so as to take advantage of the Joy-Con on the console, adding that the “anytime, anywhere, with anyone element of the Nintendo Switch is very much present” in the game.

And things are about to get worse for your chances: Nintendo’s next huge Super Mario game, “Super Mario Odyssey“, is one of this holiday’s biggest games.

A US company claims Nintendo’s Switch infringes its patents and is demanding a sales freeze. This is similar to the bonuses players will get for buying the steelbook special edition of Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon, only with that release, you’ll get codes that are good for 100 Potions. Those assurances turned out to be false; Nintendo’s “Classic Edition” line of consoles has become the latest symbol of Nintendo’s inability to satisfy customer demand.

It recently won the Best of Gamescom award and four other accolades: the “Most Wanted” Consumer Award, the Best Nintendo Switch Console Game, Best Action Game, and Best Family Game. The company had expected to sell 10 million by the end of its financial year, but it is not yet clear what effect the patent claim will have on its sales for the year. That remains to be seen.

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