Dogs Sent From Texas To New Jersey Following Hurricane

Close to 100 dogs from Texas shelters are traveling to New Jersey to help make room for animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Another 100 dogs and cats will arrive Tuesday at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, N.J.

After the animal center logs the canines into a database and gives each dog a thorough check up, along with plenty of rest and meals, they will be distributed to sister shelters throughout the Northeast to be adopted.

Although people living on the coastal towns of southern Texas have seen the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, animals are also being caught in the chaos. “They contacted us and asked if we could take a whole planeload, we reached out to our partners, they said immediately ‘yes.’ In fact, so many groups have now responded that we may not have that many up for adoption from our program”, Cammisa said.

Another 25 rescue animals will come on Thursday and another 35 over the weekend, the shelter said.

Father John’s is the only shelter in Sussex County taking in animals along with six other shelters in the state. “Anything we can do to help”.

The animals will be transferred to partner shelters throughout New Jersey, including Father John’s Animal House in Lafayette which has worked closely with St. Hubert’s for many years.

Miller said she does not know what breeds of dogs will be coming in, but said there are some puppies.

Wings of Rescue livestreamed the dogs boarding the plane, and volunteers offered some words of advice.

The HSUS, together with Wings of Rescue, organized the flight that is bringing dogs from San Antonio Animal Care and Control, who have been helping the Houston region.

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