Cummins reveals fully electric Class 7 truck, provides update on diesel engines

Aeos – named after one of four winged horses who drive the chariot of the Sun God from Greek mythology – gets the diesel equivalent of more than 30 miles per gallon with a range of 100 miles on a single charge.

Cummins has invested in research and development projects to develop products and technology solutions utilizing a wide range of fuels.

Earlier this week, Cummins revealed its new Urban Hauler Tractor concept, which looks like a pure electric beast.

During the event, which included tours of the Cummins technical center, Cummins leaders and scientists showcased the company’s work in analysis-led design capability, virtual reality, alternative fuels and digital capabilities. It will have a 300-mile range thanks to a diesel engine serving as the range extender.

Cummins is also looking at regenerative braking as well as solar panels on the trailer roof as potential means of extending range. Additional aero optimizations include a more streamlined design together with a better sealed body and underbody. Side mirrors have been replaced with an in-dash camera view. In comparison to Tesla’s way of doing things, Cummins won’t manufacture the AEOS per se, but only the electronic system at the heart of the e-truck. It says advancements in the technology are constantly being made.

The key to this new commercial truck concept is its lighter, denser battery design allows it to hold a longer charge for improved range and faster charging, Cummins said, reducing down time. Currently, it takes about an hour using a high-speed charger.

The OEM showed of its latest in near-zero natural gas engine technology, it’s new line of “super-efficient” diesel engines – the heavy-duty 2017 model X15 family and soon-to-be-built 2018 model medium-duty X12 line – and shared plans to introduce what it calls a “revolutionary” heavy-duty diesel engine in 2022.

Given stricter emission regulations coming into force in coming years, plus some cities possibly banning the use of vehicles powered exclusively by internal combustion engines, we should see more and more players in the electrified commercial vehicles segment.

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