Can You Tell These Two Blondes Apart? Because Trump Can’t

She first tried to put Niinisto on the spot with a similar question, asking what advice he had given Trump with regard to dealing with such an “adversary”.

“The best way to get some sense of the impact of his comments is to look at the markets”, said Tony Garza, an attorney with White & Case LLP in Mexico City who served as the US ambassador to Mexico under George W. Bush.

“I consider many countries as a security threat, unfortunately, when you look at what’s going on in the world today … but these are all threats that we’ll be able to handle if we have to. Hopefully, we won’t have to handle them, but if we do, we will handle them”.

And the USA workers, who have lost their jobs because of NAFTA, are not going to be suffering any longer, Trump said.

“Our relationship with Finland is a very close one and we’re always ready to help Finland”, Trump said. We will get through this, we will come out stronger and believe me we will be bigger better stronger than ever before.

Trump said tremendous amount of drugs are pouring into the U.S. at levels that nobody has ever seen before.

However, the U.S. President’s comment about Finland having been “free of Russian Federation, really [.] for 100 years”, was somewhat insensitive to historical facts: Finland fought two brutal wars against Russian Federation (then the Soviet Union) during World War 2, leading to a loss of more than a tenth of the country’s land area.

It’s also worth noting that Trump now fancies himself a military equipment expert, as he also claimed on Monday that Finland was set to purchase “lots of other military equipment” adding, “I know all of the military equipment and I actually agree with everything you purchased”.

“I don’t feel myself or Finland being any advisor to anybody, but we try to do our best, and hopefully we get also results from that. These two-way elements have to be there”.

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