‘AGT’ Mind Reader Has Simon Cowell Killed for Stealing Justin Bieber CDs

The mind reader solved the murder of judge Simon Cowell before it ever happened during his quarterfinals performance. He also picked some other audience members and read their minds.

The bit extended further until Cloud got to the fake crime: Brown was handed the knife and proceeded to stab at Cowell’s chest.

He added: “I think we may have found a couple [of acts] who’ve got that kind of ‘I want to be successful and prepared to work at it” [about them] I love that’.

With a look of glee on her face, Mel B. gladly followed Cloud’s instructions to “plunge that knife into Simon Cowell’s chest”, giddily stabbing at her fellow judge’s torso repeatedly before Cloud brought the trick to a close with a shocking reveal.

The mogul – who is now tied up with America’s Got Talent in Los Angeles – was unable to attend the launch of the 2017 series in London on Wednesday, but did reveal via recorded interview what sort of champion he is looking for. And when the host threw things to Simon, he replied: “I feel like this would be a lot like Mel’s wedding night, a lot of anticipation…not much promise or delivery”.

Needless to say, Mel had no problem going through with the act, but it turned out the knife had a rubber blade.

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