Yingying kidnapping case pushed back to February

Originally set for September 12, Brendt Christensen’s trial has been rescheduled another five months from now, on February 27.

The original trial date was September 12th, about two weeks from now. Today the USA assistant attorney asked District Judge Colin Bruce for more time before trial.

A federal judge has delayed until February the trial of the man accused of kidnapping visiting U of I scholar Yingying Zhang.

Christensen’s attorneys asked for the delay in the hearing, but the U.S. Attorney’s office also wanted a later date.

Christensen’s lawyers agreed and Christensen himself said he had no objections to the new trial date.

There’s no guarantee the government would obtain a superseding indictment from a grand jury, Bruno said, but if that happens, Christensen would be brought back to court to be arraigned again. There is the possibility that a superceding indictment with additional charges could be filed before the trial. Zhang hasn’t been found and the Federal Bureau of Investigation presumes her dead. Defense attorney Tom Bruno says this presents a hardship in trying to represent Christensen and even trying to brief him on the status of his case.

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