Xbox One Discontinued By Microsoft

It may come as little or no surprise, but Microsoft has now officially confirmed that it has ceased production of the original Xbox One model.

Microsoft may have made a decision to stop selling the Xbox One, as it does not make any sense for the company to retain the older console, which looked and felt outdated in every sense of the term.

On the other hand, the Xbox One X is reportedly doing a good job in the market so far since Microsoft has opened pre-orders for the upcoming console.

Greenberg is also confident about the first party lineup coming to the Xbox One over the next year, mentioning that he is excited about what is to come.

At this point, the discontinuation is just a formality anyway- the Xbox One S had long de facto replaced the original model. While the launch of the newer, more powerful system is an auspicious event for the company, Microsoft revealed that it would now stop selling the original#Xbox One console that debuted in 2013.

Microsoft has updated its Xbox One platform to feature support for Arabic, as well as a new interface design. According to The Verge, the Xbox One has since been removed from Microsoft’s United States online store while the console is tagged as “sold out” in the United Kingdom’s online store.

The update enables Arabic-speaking players to enjoy more on the Xbox One platform after adding Arabic as one of the key operating languages of the Xbox One in Fall which called “the Xbox Fall Update”. However, one can no longer buy a new Xbox One standard console in the USA after the apparent discontinuation. The price offered is also not much different, about $ 50 - $ 80 only. Only time will tell if the next-gen Microsoft console is able to give stiff competition its rivals. So which Xbox series do you want to buy?

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