Taylor Swift ‘won’t mention’ Katy Perry feud in new album

A source said: “Taylor feels she was backstabbed by the couple and there will be more not-so-subtle hints in the official music video, which will debut Sunday during the VMAs“. Reception for the new song hasn’t all been good, though, and critics have been making comparisons all over the place.

Earlier this week, Taylor Swift made her massive return to the music world. HAHA.Here’s a look at the “Look What You Made Me Do” video that premiered at the VMAs: (We are kinda hooked.)Swift now has those shirts – sans crop-top version – available on her merch store, so you, too, can be included in the narrative.

To show her appreciation, Swift sent flowers to all who took part including Kylee thanking them for their work and for keeping the video a secret.

They’ve even started saying that Taylor is wearing the same outfit that BeyoncĂ© wore whilst performing at the Superbowl in 2016. Swift was accused of borrowing heavily from Beyonce but the most offensive thing she seemed to do was wear a black bodysuit similar to the one Bey wore in Formation.

At the end of the “LWYMMD” video, all of Taylor’s former music-video personas stand in a straight line in front of a plane that reads “Reputation“, which is also the name of her new album.

Although they enjoyed a brief truce, Kanye took aim at Taylor on his track Famous’ a year ago, in which he referred to the singer as a “b***h” and joked about sleeping with her.

But he’s not the only one from Hawaii in the video. She’s an fantastic person.

Joseph Kahn took to Twitter today to say that although he’s worked with BeyoncĂ© in the past, he didn’t use the same visuals in Taylor’s new video. Apparently that little bit of music video that we’ve seen is noting compared to the rest. After video release: “Kahn copying obscure K Pop video made in North Korean prison in 2006”, he tweeted.

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