Shark Swims in Houston Streets?

Hurricane Harvey has been no exception.

Another photo allegedly showed Houston Airport underwater, with several planes floating above a washed-out series of runways.

Houston’s airports both remain closed Monday, and roads leading to them are flooded, but the image is false and not indicative of conditions there, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Unfortunately, the shark hoax isn’t the only social media fabrication to show up as Harvey continues to devastate Houston and other areas of southeast Texas. “#HurricaneHarvy.” The picture was posted at 11:00 pm on Sunday.

In fact, the image was first shared during Hurricane Matthew which battered the Florida and Georgia coasts a year ago, and was dubbed a hoax at the time.

The photo first appeared in 2011 when Hurricane Irene hit Puerto Rico, then resurfaced in 2012 during Hurricane Sandy.

As thousands of people await rescue in Texas on Monday as heavy rains poured into the area surrounding Houston, the United States was in the midsts of one of the most dramatic flooding disasters in its recent history.

Since 2011, the fake shark photo has reappeared during numerous major events that caused heavy flooding throughout the United States. “Its most recent iterations assigned it to Houston after heavy rains pounded portions of Texas over Memorial Day weekend in 2015, Daytona Beach after Hurricane Matthew approached Florida in October 2016, and Houston again in August 2017 after Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey caused massive flooding throughout the city”.

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