Man pays ‘psychic’ $147K to get rid of evil spirits, police say

A New Jersey psychic scammed an elderly man out of $147,700, claiming he needed to undergo a 14-step Chakra cleansing to rid his body of demons, police say.

The victim reported to authorities on August 15 that he thought a psychic was cheating him, the Galloway Township Police Department said in a Facebook post on Friday.

The man told police that Wando said he had eight evil spirits, which would only further torment him if he did not undergo the treatment.

The man, police said, had been visiting Sally “Kim” Wando, 49, who operates Village Psychic. Each step would cost $10,500, according to Galloway Township Police. Investigation revealed that Kim exploited information she learned about the gentleman’s unpleasant childhood in order to make him believe she could bring him relief.

The victim did later agree to the program, paying a total of $147,700 to the psychic. Wando and Marco told police officers the man was buying a auto and the money had nothing to do with the Village Psychic office.

The man was warned, according to authorities, that he should not tell anyone of the arrangement or more spirits would need to be cleansed. The victim was told to tell bank tellers that he was buying a auto.

A PSYCHIC and her son are accused of scamming a man out of £113,000 to “cleanse his soul and allow him to live in peace”.

After a $5,000 session, he believed Sally “Kim” Wando, 49, from the Village Psychic office at Galloway Township in New Jersey could help him, the Press of Atlantic City reported.

The mother and son, who were arrested on Friday, have been “released on summonses pending their court date”, the Facebook post said. Both Wando and Marco told police during interviews that was what the money was for, authorities said. Jason Kiamos at 609-652-3705 Ext.

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