Great balls of dragon fire – has Game of Thrones lost the plot?

We were definitely aware of the Night King’s ability to raise the dead into evil mindless zombies, and there was certainly foreshadowing earlier in the episode when the group was attacked by a zombified polar bear (proving the Night King is willing to raise dead animals as well).

Once we got to the end of “Beyond the Wall” though, when the White Walkers began chain-dragging Viserion’s corpse out of the chilly waters of the frozen lake, we all knew good and well what was about to transpire. As a result, the whole army of the dead was able to cross the Wall, much to the dread of everyone in the Seven Kingdoms.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 7, Episode 7 of Game of Thrones. It’s really hard for them to make it look good.

In the final scene of the epic, almost 90 minute longGame of Thrones” season finale, we finally see what has become of Viserion. So without further ado let’s jump straight into it. It’s unclear whether that also applies to the new Viserion, though it’s likely the same rule as the other wights: if you kill the White Walker who created it, in this case the Night King, Viserion’s a goner. Now, we want to explain why the Night King and his dragon are more unsafe than you probably think.

Right before Viserion was about to tear the part of the Wall down, you could see how fast he was approaching. The Night King then flew in on the back of Viserion, who proceeded to blast blue fire all over the Wall.

The Night King Facebook effect isn’t the first time we’ve seen HBO letting fans participate in the action on social media. But it’s not just about the control; it’s about the Night King literally being one with the dragon, by warging into him.

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