Drunk passenger tries to bite security officers on flight to San Francisco

An AirMexico flight from Mexico City to San Francisco was delayed by almost an hour after an unruly passenger, who started attacking crew members, forced the pilots to make an emergency landing midway.

A passenger told local media that it took crew members around half an hour to deplane the man.

Aeromexico Flight AM664, carrying 144 passengers, was delayed by an hour Sunday night after the upheaval, which reportedly began when the man, believed to be drunk, started to scream for unknown reasons while in midair.

Aceves said that she could smell alcohol on the passenger, who was clearly very intoxicated.

The plane began to descend before landing at Guadalajara International Airport. “We landed and you could see (police) through the windows”.

From her vantage near the plane’s front, she could see nearly all of what happened next.

Fellow passenger Laura Aceves captured video of the man’s breakdown on her phone, which shows him being dragged down the aisle of the plane screaming and convulsing, as staff try to control him.

At one point, the struggling man squished a small child nearby, scaring him, but Aceves managed to intervene and get in between them.

All the while, the man was yelling at passengers, crew members and the authorities who eventually removed him.

Once the man was removed from the flight by authorities, the plane re-readied and headed for San Francisco.

Ms Aceves said authorities were waiting for the man upon arrival in Guadalajara.

The 20-year-old said she likely will be considering flying an airline different than Aeromexico the next time she flies to Mexico City.

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