Citywide Ferry service expands to Astoria, Roosevelt Island

And today, it’ll expand to Queens: the Astoria route launches today, with stops in that neighborhood, Long Island City, Roosevelt Island (on the island’s west side), Midtown, and Wall Street.

“This ferry service is another option for people who don’t want to take the bus or a train, you get a lovely scenic view of the city that we love, it’s just all around a great thing”, one longtime Astoria resident said.

NYC Ferry has partnered with Bytemark, a mobile ticketing company, in implementing a mobile app where riders can purchase e-tickets and view maps and schedules on the go.

It joins three NYC Ferry routes already in operation: the Rockaway, South Brooklyn and East River lines.

“If we could get more and more New Yorkers off the roads and out of the overcrowded subways and onto the waterways, it’s a much nicer way to get around”. The ferry dock in Astoria, for example, is close to the Astoria Houses, a NYCHA housing complex that’s a 15-minute walk to the closest subway station.

It should take about 45 minutes to get from Astoria to Pier 11 in Lower Manhattan. “It makes it much more accessible to get to the city, even to Downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn”.

NYC Ferry launched on May 1.

The existing East River route will still be in service. One way tickets for adults cost $2.75.

Deborah Drucker, a Roosevelt Island resident for almost four decades, rode the first boat on the Astoria route Tuesday and said she was excited to make the ferry part of her regular commute.

“It’s great because the subways are very crowded in the morning”, she said.

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