At least 2 people killed in New Mexico library shooting

One witness told the Eastern New Mexico News that she was in the library with her son when a man came in and “started to shoot” into the air.

In a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Chief of Police Douglas Ford, Mayor David Lansford and New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez addressed the current investigation.

The two women killed have been identified as Wanda Walters, 61, a circulation assistant at Clovis Carver Library, and Kristina “Krissy” Carter, 48, a youth service librarian at Clovis Carver Library.

Authorities have said they do not know if suspected gunman Nathaniel Jouett knew any of the victims.

I am directing the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, and other state agencies, to assist and support the Clovis Police Department. Police are pursuing two charges of first degree murder, assault with intent to commit a violent felony, aggravated battery with a weapon and child abuse. Police stormed the building with their guns drawn and found the shooter, who immediately surrendered.

Ford says he did not know if Jouett knew any of the victims.

Ford said authorities had no motive for the shootings.

Police have named 16-year-old Nathaniel Jouett as the suspect. Alexis Molina and Jones were in serious condition Tuesday, Finley said. They are both in serious condition. All family and friends declined interviews, Ragain said.

“My staff and I will be keeping the victims, their families, and the courageous men and women who responded to the situation in our thoughts and prayers tonight”.

Stevens says the teen had been dating his daughter and appeared to be turning his life around.

Residents who know the teen saw images of him being led in handcuffs from the shooting scene.

Police have said they detained only one suspect.

Two people were killed and four wounded after the gunman opened fire in Clovis, N.M.


“That (expletive) better go away for the rest of his life, or disappear somewhere”, she said.

He says he moved the table against the door and sat with his back to it while hearing more gunshots.

Stevens said Jouett was being held in seclusion since his arrest at the library on Monday.

Two people died and four were injured in the mass shooting at the Clovis-Carver Public Library in southeast New Mexico on Monday afternoon.

From there, Baird said she could hear the man moving around the library and firing multiple shots.

“Run!”, he yelled at her.

“Why aren’t you running?” I’m shooting at you!

Baird, in a lengthy exchange with The News through Facebook Messenger, said she was talking with a library patron from her seat at the library’s reference desk when she heard a “very loud bang”.

“It all happened so fast”, she said.

“My initial thought was why would someone throw a cherry bomb or M80 firecracker into the library?”

“Then I heard his trousers “shooshing” as he approached the end of the reference desk”. The nearby community of Portales is home to Eastern New Mexico University.

Police surrounded the library several minutes after the deadly event around 4 pm Monday, the Curry County Sheriff’s Office said. He called the shooting tragic and senseless. Clovis police say two females died, and two other females and two males are in the hospital.

Clovis, near the Texas border, is more than a three hour drive east of Albuquerque.

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