Woman finds two alligators swimming around her backyard during Harvey

In light of the flooding, Kelsch’s backyard had become a swamp.

Tropical Storm Harvey brought a lot more than just heavy rainfall to one Texas woman’s backyard.

“We’re less than a foot a foot from [water] going over the fences”, Gary Saurage, an owner, told Fox News. She pointed out the first alligator swimming behind her home, then showed a section of the fence where the water was high enough for the gator to enter her yard. “We even have little alligator crossing signs”.

Arlene Kelsch, of Missouri City, posted a Facebook video on Saturday showing two alligators taking up residence in her flooded backyard.

I was still dealing with the fact that my backyard is filled with water, so many inches of rain dropped in only hours, so I was concerned.

She added: ‘I walked in front of my fireplace last night and a frog jumped in front of my feet!’ “It looked at me as if it spotted me in the window”.

In addition to keeping an eye on the gators, Kelsch said that she was making sure snakes didn’t find a way into her home. When she took another peek outside her glass door around noon on Sunday, the gator was in the same spot.

“But it turns out it wasn’t him, it was a second gator!”

“It’s a good reminder that people shouldn’t just play around in the water, which sometimes they do”, Kelsch said.

The park has more than 350 alligators in its facilities outside of Beaumont, and the owners of the establishment say they’ve never seen flooding as bad as what they’ve seen following the landfall of tropical storm Harvey.

“[They’re] simply looking for higher ground”, warned the sheriff’s office. The warning came with a personal recommendation to leave the animals alone until the waters receded.

“When water starts to go down they may stay in our backyard”, she said.

Kelsch later checked on the reptilian interloper, which appeared to have moved closer to her house.

There’s always a chance they could return.

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