TMI? Farrah Abraham shares pictures of her vaginal rejuvenation

“There you go, like you’re 16 again!” the doctor laughed.

Reality star Farrah Abraham is swearing by the power of “vaginal rejuvenation”.

She also shared a video explaining how the vaginal rejuvenation process works. “She shared it because she got paid to plug a business“.

Several of Abraham’s followers were quick to challenge the reality star for undergoing the cosmetic procedure.

“Farrah, why? I understand you’re a mom and need the procedure for personal reasons, but why make it public?” read one comment.

A number find Abraham’s post “atrocious” and “disgusting”, while others express their concern over Abraham’s influence on her child. The last photo in the sequence shows Abraham lying on her back in nothing but a silver bra.

“My god…poor little Sophia“.

Another said:”Oh, I was hoping you were having a smear test as that would be a great example for young women… but… no”.

Another person wrote: “What kind of mother cares about her body more than her own child? you’re not even 30 yet and you’re gettting all of this surgery. you’re a disgrace to yourself, your own daughter, and as a human, period! smdh”. Why keep asking why she shared it?? We guess only time will tell. “If he wanted to be with me, he had the opportunity, but instead he missed his chance”.

People were saying the same thing on Twitter. “I’m enjoying not being friends with my ex and like every other ex he’s in the past now”.

Sorry not sorry! After Farrah Abraham got backlash for sharing her vaginal rejuvenation procedure on social media, the Teen Mom OG star seemed unfazed by critics while attending the 2017 MTV VMAs with her daughter Sophia.

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