Sofia Vergara’s Frozen Embryo Legal Battle Dismissed By Louisiana Judge

Sofia Vergara went into the weekend with a big legal victory under her belt.

Sofia Vergara recently won her frozen embryo battle with her ex-fiancé, Nick Loeb.

Loeb initially tried to obtain the embryos by filing a case but it was dismissed in December previous year.

On Friday, a judge in Louisiana dismissed the lawsuit against the Modern Family actress for custody of embryos they conceived together.

Well, Louisiana’s laws aren’t going to help Nick anymore.

Using Louisiana’s specific laws, he even named the embryos (Emma and Isabella) and cosigned their claim that Sofia’s refusal to allow them to be put into a uterus and brought to term – something she would have no reason to do because AGAIN this is her damn ex – was depriving them of their inheritance.

In February, Vergara filed a request in California asking for declaratory relief and a permanent injunction that blocks Loeb from obtaining the embryos without a written consent from her.

The suit claimed that Loeb is “committed to protect his children and believes that life begins at conception”, and that Vergara had told Loeb “that she was a devout Catholic and, like Loeb, was committed to protect their children and believed that life begins at conception and should not be destroyed”.

In 2015, Loeb insisted that he wanted to be a father and that was willing to waive any financial responsibility from Vergara. I have every intention of doing so.

According to TMZ, it’s unclear at this time whether Loeb will attempt to refile his lawsuit. He then followed up with the Louisiana right-to-live lawsuit in the same month. “Loeb apparently thinks that he will garner sympathy from the public and the courts through this latest maneuver, one that we believe will also result in failure”. Loeb, on the other hand, continues to work as an actor.

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