Scared residents share their stories of Houston flooding

CenterPoint Energy reported early Monday morning that the power is out in more than 82,000 Houston-area homes and that flood waters are blocking its crews from getting into parts of the city. And it’s not stopping any time soon.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said his officers received 6,000 emergency calls and rescued 2,000 people in the past day but more Houstonians still need help amid widespread flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey.

A couple of apartment buildings in Houston were evacuated Saturday night due to heavy flooding. Metro transportation service is now suspended. Harris County Judge Ed Emmett told Breitbart Texas, “Because this is a rain event, we don’t know where or when particular areas will flood”.

“They’re focusing mainly on the people that are sick or wheelchair-bound or kids, that couldn’t help themselves get out before” the hurricane hit, says Grant.

Several major roadways remain underwater so everyone should stay off the roads.

The Corps of Engineers urged people in the already soaked neighborhoods that will absorb the dam runoff to consider evacuating.

“There are so many people on their roofs right now that we are inundated with the number of people that have medical emergencies”. Smith flagged down a Harris County Sheriff truck towing a boat that was driving by. The Houston LDS temple is surrounded by water but has not flooded. Berry Bayou, Beamer Ditch, Turkey Creek, portions of Clear Creek, Vince Bayou, Little Vince Bayou in Pasadena and more got over a foot of water in a matter of hours.

Over in Fort Bend County, more tornadoes ripped through the Missouri City area.

Areas of Houston, the fourth-largest city in the US with a population of about 7 million residents, were seeing rising waters reach the second floor of buildings, in some cases.

The National Weather Service canceled the tropical storm warning north of Sargent, saying Harvey was likely to turn into a tropical depression Sunday-but said life-threatening flooding will still be ongoing.

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