Netanyahu and Trump to meet in NY area on September 17

“Thus said Hashem: I have returned to Tzion, and I will dwell in Yerushalayim”.

The newspaper also said Trump could meet with Israeli Premier Benyamin Netanyahu in NY on September 17. The same source said Trump and Abbas could meet during the upcoming United Nations general assembly in NY in September and that the peace plan that is now being drawn up by the U.S. could be presented on that occasion.

The prime minister’s schedule has not yet been officially confirmed, but the report said that officials in the Foreign Ministry had been informed of the state visits and were arranging the trip.

“We were told that the move (of the embassy) would go ahead but it wasn’t on the table and there hasn’t been any progress on it”.

Relocating the American embassy in Israel from its current location in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the country’s capital, was one of Trump’s major campaign platforms.

But Trump backtracked on the pledge in June, signing a waiver which pushed off moving the embassy for at least another six months. In February, Netanyahu met for the first time with Trump as US President, in Washington, DC.

In the meeting, the embassy move “was brought up by both sides as part of a productive broad conversation about a number of issues”, a USA source familiar with the discussions told The Times of Israel on Sunday night.

It will be the third face-to-face meeting between the leaders this year.

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