Jared And Ivanka Are Unhappy And Disliked in DC

[.] Increasingly you hear chatter in Washington that Jared and Ivanka won’t last, not because they are at risk of being pushed out, but because they will save themselves from a damaged White House.

With influential right-wing news media hotshots targeting them from the outside and Washington, D.C., and insiders targeting them from inside, many people speculate Kushner and Ivanka Trump could leave the administration as early as summer 2018.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are plotting an exit strategy from the White House, according to a new report – but it’s probably too late to save their reputations. With political veterans deeming them “irrelevant”, many staffers are beginning to turn against the duo.

The story is filled with various insights about how the couple have struggled to navigate the transition from NY to the White House, where as public employees and close presidential advisors they face constant scrutiny over concerns about nepotism, conflicts of interest and their efforts – or not – to pull Trump back from some of his more controversial statements and actions. For Kushner and Ivanka, the solution has been to fight back: against NY friends who disapprove of them, against West Wing foes, and even against the president himself. One well-connected strategist in NY told me that the two were eyeing a move at the end of the school year in 2018. Another former associate said he had a falling out with Jared when he brought up the “ugly rhetoric” of the presidential campaign that Jared helped run. “This is not a royal family, and she’s not the princess royal”.

But as Vanity Fair distilled it: “If [Ivanka’s] main value in Washington is her access to her father and she is unable to sway him, then she is simply a 35-year-old former real-estate and retail executive in over her head”.

“Reince, we aren’t getting paid. What the (expletive) do you care?”

While Ivanka is criticized on the left for her inability or unwillingness to rein in her father’s most extreme policies, and on the right for her reported attempts to do just that, Kushner, whose portfolio includes heading the Office of American Innovation and crafting Middle East policy, is ridiculed for his inexperience.

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