Everything You Need to Know About Jon Snow’s Real Name

“For many years now we’ve known this would be the ending of the penultimate season”, Benioff revealed during the finale’s “Inside the Episode” segment. If you haven’t watched the episode, what are you waiting for?

Need more Game of Thrones? For the final time this season, let’s break down the meaning of every wave caused by “The Dragon And The Wolf“.

HBO has ordered 6 episodes for the eighth and final season. Sansa quickly revealed that it was in fact Littlefinger who was on trial, much to the chock of the master manipulator and cockroach of the Game of Thrones series. Considering his, uh, complicated relationship with Dragon Mother Daenerys Targaryen, it will be interesting to see how that conclusion might actually play out.

Now fans know exactly what that “something” was: Daenerys’ fallen dragon Viserion. The mission was to convince her to make a truce to go to war against the White Walkers, but when Jon Snow indicated that he had pledged allegiance to the Queen of Dragons, Cersei lost his cool … The Stark daughter left no wiggle room for Littlefinger, no chance for him to slip out of his lethal sentence with flowery words and platitudes. “Lord Baelish?Sansa asked. And then Arya slit his throat.

After returning to Dragonstone, Theon has a heart-to-heart with Jon and knows that he must overcome his own cowardice to rescue his sister Yara.

Speaking of hands (which Jaime only has one of), where is this dude going? .

The climax of the season finale showed the full force of the undead who finally manage to enter the north. “You have to presume that that Army of the Dead is going to take a little while to get south, but we just don’t know“. Anyway, Dany’s entrance was so extra that Cersei couldn’t help herself in muttering, “We’ve been here for some time”. And there, our heart nearly stopped: Cersei threatened his brother with death and asked the Mountain to kill him for having betrayed him.

One thing some people have picked up on is Tyrion Lannister’s look at the end of the episode.

Did you expect it? What if they never find out? Would a baby be on the way?

The first of those murders happened (off-screen) in the first episode of the first season – setting in motion nearly all of the war and tragedy which has come after it. You have to see what happens when the Night’s King marches on Winterfell!

In their exchange, Brienne effectively apologises for trying to kill The Hound as her attempt merely to protect Arya – he says that’s all he was trying to do too.

When the Game of Thrones producers promise that incest is coming, they aren’t messing around.

The big reveal of season 7 is what will create the big question of season 8 (or at least, the beginning of season 8): how will the news of Jon’s true name and lineage change things? Visit the site and Facebook this Sunday from midnight!

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