Emergency chief: No survivors of plane crash expected

The crash occurred Monday morning in a rural area of Bryan County, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) west of Savannah. Bryan County Emergency Services director Freddy Howell told a news conference that the pilot and two passengers all died. The dense, wooded area is making it hard for crews to get to the wreckage.

Georgia Forestry is cutting a path through the trees. The coroner is now on scene. Air Traffic Control also reported they lost contact with the plane around the same time.

Emergency crews from Effingham and Bryan counties have discovered the wreckage of a downed plane in Bryan County and officials say three people are confirmed dead. The plane turned around and was trying to get back to Savannah.

The plane was a charter from Peachtree City, GA. Bryan County and Effingham County emergency management officials are on the scene and will continue their investigation and recovery efforts.

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