Caitlyn Jenner Ambushed By Trans Woman at LGBTQ Event Over Trump Support

Caitlyn Jenner may wish she’d stayed home last night.

The theme at Saturday’s event was “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars“, according to TheWrap. Jenner also repeatedly assured the LGBTQ community that Trump supported their interests and that she could work with Trump’s White House to make sure LGBTQ rights were preserved in America. She has written several articles and many social media posts expressing her disappointment. Jezebel reports that the performance was partially sponsored by Jenner, leading Preston to argue that the event was complicit in Jenner’s conservative politics.

“It’s really fucked up that you continue to support somebody. that does everything with the military, that’s erasing our fucking community”. “He announced to the world that trans people are sub-human. and by continuing to endorse that administration. you are complicit, you are problematic, you are risky, toxic and cancerous to the community, and I was not going to let [Jenner] off the hook”. You are directly responsible for what has happened with transgender soldiers and the military. “It’s really (expletive) up that you continue to support him”, she added.

‘I am not afraid to say it to you, I am not.

Jenner said that wearing the hat was a mistake, that she had grabbed something to wear to protect her hair while traveling in the convertible to and from a golf course.

“You are complicit! Taking her money…makes you complicit”. It goes against the mission [of the Trans Chorus], Dena! Jenner was mostly quiet during the tirade as friends tried to talk Preston down, but Jenner said, “You don’t know me” which set Preston off further.

Caitlyn Jenner was ambushed and insulted by another transsexual woman for her support of Donald Trump.

“Yes I do! We all do!”

After Jenner walked away, Preston turned to Williams.

To which Preston replied: “Yes I do! I’m really disappointed, really disappointed”. Including Ashlee Marie Preston’s. Way to stand up to the hypocrisy! “You are not the one who is impacted by the choices and decisions you make. It’s so wrong. Good for Ashlee for drawing the line!”, wrote Ernestina Osorio. I made a mistake. We don’t need to protect her.

“I believe in little things like the Constitution and freedom”, Jenner continued. “You were honest and didn’t resort to using them hands”.

The Los Angeles Blade was unable to reach Jenner or Williams for comment.

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