Bengaluru: Tossed out of terrace of house, girl meets death

In a shocking incident, a 36-year-old mother flung her seven-year-old differently-abled daughter from the third floor of a building of her residence in Karnataka on Sunday. Child was alive after being flung once Seven-year-old Aishika Sarkar was alive after her mother flung her to the ground from the terrace of their building in Jaragana halli, a neighbour said.

Commenting on the matter a police official claimed that the woman seemed mentally disturbed and told them that her daughter was restless and she chose to throw her down to calm her.

Tap in for more Bengaluru news! As soon as locals found the girl having died out of profuse bleeding on the floor, they went to Swathi Sarkar’s house and beat her up. Some reports say nobody actually saw her throw the child off the first time, but some neighbours have said they heard a sound and the screams of a child and saw Shreya on the ground when they came out to investigate. Police claimed that Swathi was married to Kanchan Sarkar, 40, and the couple had moved to Bengaluru from West Bengal about 10 years ago.

The police suspect that the woman had been mentally unstable.

One of the residents called and informed the nearest police station after which the Puttenahalli police arrived at the spot and took the accused into their custody. The incident happened at around 3 pm on Sunday in Jaraganahalli in JP Nagar. The child was crying and writhing in pain.

When some residents noticed her with the child and asked her what had happened, Swathi allegedly shouted at them saying it was none of their business.

When she questioned Swathi about the girl, Swathi reportedly shouted at her, ran to the terrace and flung her daughter down again, according to a Times of India report. Puttenahalli police said they have taken up a case of murder and shifted the body to KIMS Hospital for postmortem, which could be held on Monday.

Swathi then came down with her mobile phone and her purse and tried to flee the scene. He, however, visited his wife and paid money for the expenses.

According to police, the deceased girl was suffering from speech impediment and Swathi was desperately trying to make her speak.

Sathi was working as a teacher till about two years ago and had separated from her husband.

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