Two Myanmar fans badly beaten up after Malaysia match

Police are investigating an incident where two Myanmar football team fans were beaten up by a few other suspects at the parking lot of the Shah Alam stadium after the Malaysian football team had beaten Myanmar at the SEA games on Monday. “Investigations are ongoing and efforts are being made to track down the assailants”, said Shafien Mamat, Shah Alam district police chief Assistant Commissioner.

“Both the victims, aged 29 and 34 have sustained injuries on the face and body because of being punched and kicked repeatedly by the suspects”, he said.

The police are asking for cooperation from members of the public who may have information about the attackers.

SEA Games organisers have called for football fans to be civil after video footage showed Malaysian football supporters chanting “Singapore dogs” during the football match between Singapore and Malaysia last Wednesday (16 Aug).

The SEA Games is a sporting event which is “based on a strong spirit of togetherness and sportsmanship”, said the Malaysia Organising Committee (MASOC) in a statement on 22 August.

Chants of “kami turun ke Shah Alam, satu jiwa sokong Malaysia, Singapore anjing dibunuh saja” (we come to Shah Alam, united in supporting Malaysia, Singapore dogs can be killed) could clearly be heard in the video.

The spokesperson said nothing could be done at that time to control the crowd, adding that any actions against the rowdy fans had to be conducted by the stadium’s security officials.

The SEA Games media liaison spokesperson confirmed that the incident took place during the match between the two neighbouring nations.

Both events have caused uproar among Malaysian citizens, with many calling on their country to play the role of good hosts.

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