Teen beats up his teacher in front of the class

A high school student in Wisconsin has been arrested after he allegedly punched a teacher several times in the classroom. The student could be seen pummeling the teacher’s head as the man remained on the floor. Milwaukee Public Schools would not comment further on what happened citing because it is a police matter.

The shocking cell phone footage captures the moment the 16-year-old lunges at his teacher, punching him and knocking him to the ground, and then continuing the beating.

The teen punched his teacher in the head, causing him to crash to the ground before he continued to throw punches.

The news station reports injuries sustained during the incident are not life-threatening.

The student is now facing charges of battery to a school district official, and the case is expected to be presented to the district attorney’s office in the upcoming days.

Police now do not know the circumstances surrounding the fight, but they have said that the student was arrested at the school and is awaiting possible charges of Battery to a School District Official.

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