Hearthstone Cinematic Short Celebrates Hearth and Home

In another example of just how good Blizzard’s animation department is, the company has released a new animated short for Hearthstone called Hearth and Home, created to entice new players to check out the game.

Hearthstone recently released its Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion, which was accompanied by a series of live-action videos featuring the Lich King. Even if it doesn’t really impact the game, it’s still pretty cool.

The announcement launched Hearthstone’s first animated musical short, “Hearth and Home“.

Expect more Hearthstone shorts to come out, as Blizzard prepares to make new events and cards for the mobile game.

During the Blizzard Reveal Ceremony, the developers of Hearthstone took the stage at Gamescom to reveal a new cinematic short for the collectible card battler. Start a free game and play your cards to sling spells, summon creatures, and command the heroes of Warcraft in duels of epic strategy. Among the singers are Harth Stonebrew, the innkeeper, Malto the wizard, Lou (who drops Hearthstone director Ben Brode’s “Well met” introduction), and a bunch of other colorful characters.

This probably won’t be our last visual trip to the tavern; Lydia Bottenegi, senior vice president of story and franchise development at Blizzard, says “we’re looking forward to sharing more tales from the Hearthstone Tavern featuring Ava and her friends in the months ahead”.

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