Amazon donates 1600 Echo Dots to Arizona State University for engineering majors

Now there is even more competition with Apple’s upcoming HomePod which apparently includes a speaker that blows Amazon’s and Google’s offerings out of the water. In it, it says: “voice control works by your voice-enabled Sonos Product “listening” for a specific wake word”.

Last Friday, a technical error on part of permitted users to place an order for Amazon Echo absolutely free. “It goes to the voice assistant service (for example Amazon) that you’ve activated on your Sonos sytem”.

“Incoming freshmen engineering students will be able to build their own Alexa skills and join the growing community of voice developers”, the statement said. The Product will record until you are finished with your voice command. With Alexa not available worldwide it seems sensible that Sonos would not limit a product to only a few markets and the policy has also been changed on the Australian Sonos site as well.

“It’s no secret that we’ve been working on this for some time, and we want to make sure we’re preparing you well in advance of this addition”, reads an official Sonos blog post explaining the policy update. It’s unlikely the current wave of Sonos speakers will be updated, as they don’t have built-in far-field microphones. “Having the Alexa developer tools and API’s available will only accelerate voice’s adoption as a primary interface for emerging applications”.

The voice technology program furthers ASU’s evolution toward a “smart campus”, a vision for a future university setting that combines sensing, connectivity and data analytics to inform decision making, optimize operations and energy efficiency, and create a highly personalized campus experience for every student, professor, staff member and alumnus. There’s also the long-rumoured possibility that Sonos might launch a new speaker with dedicated Alexa functionality, although there’s been no confirmation of such a device launching any time soon.

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