This Weather Channel solar eclipse simulation will get you psyched

Click on a location on the map for more information when it’s time to view the 2017 solar eclipse. Make sure the glasses you buy meet the ISO 12312-2 safety standards.

Locally, the Weston Public Library is holding a program to view the eclipse, and the Westport Astronomical Society is also hosting eclipse viewings. There’s no need to splurge, however: You can order safe paper specs in bulk for as little as 90 cents each.

Sunglasses won’t help to protect your eyes from directly staring at the sun.

Just like they will before this eclipse, Cincinnatians met at the Planetarium to watch what part of the eclipse they could see. NASA produced a how-to video to walk you through it. The next solar eclipse similar to this one will be witnessed by India in 2034. “This would be looked at as a failure”, Gross said.

A closer look shows other models such as the Canadian model also with a forecast of high pressure over the Northeast. Rooms in the path of totality are reportedly going for as much as $1000 a night, and news outlets across the country have raised the specter of traffic armageddon.

The path of totality of Monday’s eclipse – in which the moon will completely cover the sun, creating a total eclipse – will stretch from OR to SC.

The eclipse runs from 1:24 4 p.m., with maximum visibility at 2:45 p.m. Surely if you could move at the speed of the eclipse, you could see the whole thing, from coast to coast, rather than just settling for a few brief minutes on the plains of Wyoming or wherever you might manage to find yourself along the path of totality on Monday.

Here in Atlantic City we will have 75.97 coverage of the sun by the moon, According to After watching the partial phases, with stray beams of sunlight reflecting into his eyes from the glittering sand and sea, McClean was snowblind throughout the totality. “Then – totality”, said Matthews, who has experienced two total solar eclipses, in Hungary and South Africa. He says he doesn’t mind “skipping the previews if it means getting a better view of the film”.

“From Tucson, we’ll see the moon cover 60 percent of the face of the sun, a partial solar eclipse that will appear as a crescent sun”, said Flandrau’s Shipherd Reed. If you do blindfold yourself, just do not forget to set an alarm for the time when the total eclipse begins so you don’t miss its cross-country journey.

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